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Tony Thomassian

Associate Attorney
‍(323) 379-9995

Antony has been working with Tim Wright Law Since 2016 from his early years as an attorney, and a lot of his training came from this office. His area of expertise are personal injury, workers compensation, employees' rights, civil litigation. One of the case that made him really proud of was a sexual harassment at workplace’s case against a restaurant from a few years ago that he helped sound the alarms on that he is really proud of. It was also a big settlement. Another case was when he made a judge cry during trial at a wrongful death’s case because he got his client's message delivered across the court room for sure that day.

Antony likes ice skating in the winter, swimming in the summer, gardening vegetables in the spring, and harvesting vegetables in the fall. Inspired by a trip to Hawaii,  He has been trying to grow his own coffee bush to make his own coffee. He is  the type of person that will always try to win concert tickets off of the radio, and he has had a lot of pre-pandemic success making the calls. He has 2 cats, each named after a different city in Italy. He has worked at and with a lot of different law offices.  

The Law Offices of Tim D. Wright has a team that communicates very well with each other as well as their clients. The group is experienced and they are up for new challenges. His work at this office is mostly in litigation and workers compensation now. He likes to try to get to know his clients as well as I can so that I know what they are looking for in their claims. Getting that compensation or settlement in the client's hands as fast as he can, and knowing that he brought the most that he could get is the most satisfying part of his job at the Law Offices of Tim D. Wright.

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