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Your Personal Injury Lawyer In Burbank, CA Heading

Accidents can happen at any time. However, when the negligence or actions of someone else is the cause, working with a personal injury lawyer ensures you receive fair compensation. At the Law Offices of Tim D. Wright, we focus on supporting our clients in Burbank, CA, through these challenging events while aggressively seeking compensation for your damages.

As your personal injury attorney, we focus on managing the legal aspects of your case while you focus on your recovery. This includes managing communication with insurance companies, gathering evidence, and preparing for negotiations, mediation, or litigation on your behalf.

Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Representing you as your car accident lawyer or truck accident attorney provides you with an advocate focusing on your best interests. We work directly with the insurance companies, when possible, to resolve your claim without the need to go to court.

However, as your car or truck accident lawyer, we are also prepared to go through the litigation process if settlement outside of court is not possible. We work closely with our clients, ensuring full transparency and open communication throughout the process.

We also offer services as a pedestrian accident lawyer, which often includes representing clients with significant and potentially permanently disabling injuries. We will pursue all aspects of a personal injury claim, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and other damages. In the event of a tragic loss of life, our wrongful death lawyer in Burbank, CA, works directly with the survivors, managing the legal process in a very difficult time.

When you need personal injury representation after an accident, turn to the services offered at The Law Offices of Tim D. Wright. For a consultation get in touch at 323-379-9995.

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