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Ivan Flores

Legal Assistant 292-6984

Ivan Flores, is a legal assistant at the Law Offices of Tim D. Wright. He is one of the newest additions to the firm. He received his BA in criminal justice of administration from California State of Dominguez Hills. He hopes to take his education to a higher level and attend law school to become a lawyer one day. The aspiration came from growing up in an underrepresented community, and the lack of resources and guidance was in need. He wants to provide his experience and knowledge and apply it to the work field. Help those who feel misrepresented. His area of expertise is the demand area of cases in which he gathers all the information after the client has stopped receiving medical treatment and provides it to the defense to try to compensate our clients for their pain and suffering.

One thing he enjoys is taking road trips, adventures and camping at national parks throughout the states. He has found that being outdoors provides a sense of relief and peace that is needed. His ultimate goal is to go to every national park in the western region of the United States. He was born and raised in South Los Angeles, so being a USC fan is without question. He has been a fan of their football team from their lowest moment to their all-time high moments. He has many memories of attending games and spending time with friends who attended the university.

The favorite part about what he does is providing his service to those who feel negligent or misrepresented. The fact that someone like himself can enhance someone's life is truly gratifying. The favorite part is the unity and relationship people in the office have with one another. It is a proper form of a healthy work environment. Employees' work is recognized and rewarded for the hard work that is put in daily.

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