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Celene Santiago

Medical Records, Pre-Litigation/Litigation 579-1580

Celene Santiago heads up the Medical Records department at the Law Offices of Tim D. Wright for the past year. Celene’s job duties involve working closely with the Pre-Litigation and Litigation departments. Researching and sending requests out, not just to providers but to health insurances as well.

Celene graduated from Cal State Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems. It took more than the estimated 5 years of college, but she managed to finish and raise her family at the same time. The greatest accomplishments have been obtaining records and bills for files that were set up at the beginning of 2017, all of which were missed and have added tremendous value to the case. Yet there is no one particular case to which she can refer to.

Celene has been married for over 15 years with her high school sweetheart and has two daughters which she adores and she also loves doing voluntary work at their school. On her free time she takes her girls on hikes, preferably waterfalls hikes since they love being in the water. But Celene's definite hobby is going camping and two of her favorite places have been Yosemite National Park and South Lake Tahoe. She currently only has one Labrador dog, Duchess, and three English parakeets; Kobe, Gigi, and Kawhi. As you can tell, Celene and her family are basketball fans. Basketball is part of her culture.

One of Celene's favorite parts of the job is researching and getting bills that were previously missed. Day by day Celene is still learning new things, gaining new knowledge, finding new processes to obtaining records and bills. She loves working in the Law Offices of Tim D. Wright. It feels like a second family to her since everyone is friendly, happy, and cheerful. Celene actually looks forward to coming to work every day and putting her fair share to it.

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