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Baker O Terry

Associate Attorney

Baker O. Terry Jr., attorney, having worked with Law Offices of Tim D. Wright somewhere between 3 and 5 years now.  He has an A.B. in Economics from Stanford, followed by his J.D. from Berkeley Law.  He grew up in suburban St. Louis, MO before heading to California.  During summers in college he worked in salmon canneries in Alaska and British Columbia. Before taking the bar, I clerked for law firms in Beverly Hills, Honolulu and downtown L.A. I started my life as a litigation attorney with a large firm based in downtown L.A., then moved to the smaller downtown L.A. office of a Silicon Valley firm.  My “biggest” case included 12 weeks in trial in San Jose. Since most of that part of my legal career involved defending large corporate interests, I bring a particularly useful perspective to the practice of plaintiff personal injury litigation.  Besides law practice, I spent a number of years involved in real estate investments in the San Fernando Valley, and am a licensed real estate broker. Besides my professional life, I am an enthusiastic (and regular) skier and tennis player. I also enjoy travel and reading (particularly biography and other non-fiction works), and have a keen interest in politics and current affairs. I’m an experienced and loving dog person, currently “between dogs” after two 14-year tours of duty with very special ones!

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