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Pedestrian Injury Accidents in Los Angeles

Pedestrian injury accidents throughout Los Angeles are significantly more common than you may think. Many car accidents involve pedestrians, while pedestrians also make up for a significant amount of road deaths. While modern vehicles are designed to reduce the impact when colliding with a pedestrian, accidents still happen. A driver is protected while in the vehicle, but a pedestrian will receive the full brunt of the force, often, unfortunately, resulting in life-altering injuries. Construction zones, sidewalk hazards, and negligent drivers and pedestrians are all common causes of pedestrian accidents. The Law Offices of Tim D. Wright is here to represent you if you have been involved with a pedestrian accident throughout Los Angeles. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Danger of using smartphone by pedestrians on road

Who Is a Potential Defendant?

Because personal injuries and specifically pedestrian injuries can be complicated, there are many different ways these cases can go. We will work with you to identify the proper defendant for your claim. During our consultation, we’ll listen to your entire story in detail and go over key moments and aspects that can add clarity and evidence to your case. Here are some of the potential defendants in a pedestrian accident:

  • Owner of the vehicle if they were not the driver
  • Employer of the operator of the vehicle
  • A pedestrian who negligently collided with the victim
  • The property owner where the accident happened
  • The city or public entity that designed, built, and maintained a path negligently

Bring Your Pedestrian Accident Claim to Us

It’s important to work with a team of experts when handling any personal injury case. At The Law Offices of Tim D. Wright, we have over 30 years of experience serving LA with all types and sizes of personal injury claims. Pedestrian injuries are far more common than one might expect. If you or a loved one is having difficulty dealing with the financial burden of overcoming a pedestrian injury, call our office.

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