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Linda Canas


Linda Cañas, is an accountant, going strong on 4 years working for Tim Wright. As the one of the accountants she makes sure all client invoices are paid while the case is pending. Once the case has settled she negotiate all medical bills the client incurred due to the accident as well as paying the client for their pain and suffering. She started working in the PI business as she was attending community college at 18 and have become very familiar with the process, especially negotiating liens.

She enjoys visiting family out of state, not only for quality time but to enjoy a different scenery. When visiting her brother up in Oregon, they go hiking and try all sorts of new food. She also have family in Florida and love spending time at the beach when visiting them. She does not have 1 specific role model growing up, since both her parents & her brother have always been around for her to learn from. They each have taught me different traits like being patient & understanding, but firm and stubborn when necessary. Currently she have 3 dogs, 1 which she personally adopted from a rescue center: Apollo & 2 that she inherited from family members: Arya & Russell. She's not too big on TV but did enjoy the series: Game of Thrones & Vikings. Her favorite sports team would be the New York Yankees, but enjoy attending any sports event regardless of the teams. She also enjoys trying new hobbies out of her comfort zone for example, she has recently been trying: Ice Skating, Roller Skating & Axe throwing. She intends on keeping up with these and expect to try new activities as she comes across them.

Being in an accident is always unexpected and not something we wish for, unfortunately, it is something that happens and is becoming more & more common. She enjoys being able to reduce client’s medical bills to a more reasonable amount as well as being able to assure the client their case is done by paying off their bills or debts as well as the client, confirming the nightmare or inconvenience is over. Working at the Law Offices of Tim Wright has helped her expand her knowledge in many ways since they are offered the opportunity to try something new or just observe and learn new methods or strategies regardless of it being our department or not.

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